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A Place to Grow: New Ontario Liberal team releases fully-costed plan for Ontario

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A Place to Grow: New Ontario Liberal team releases fully-costed plan for Ontario Fair, fully-costed, and forward-thinking plan presents choices for voters

Nickel Belt – The Ontario Liberals have released their plan for Ontario, A Place to Grow. It will improve public education, clear the surgery backlog, and revolutionize elder care. At its core, A Place to Grow is about tackling Ontario’s affordability crisis and helping families get ahead – including by introducing $1 transit fares, lowering the cost of food, and making buying and renting a home more affordable.

Gilles Proulx: For our kids future

Our Liberal plan will make Ontario:

A Place to Grow Your Family

  • Eliminate HST on more meals, funded by fair taxes
  • Replace the minimum wage with a regional living wage, starting at $16/hour
  • Build 1.5 million new homes and deliver rent control

A Place to Grow Older

  • Revolutionize senior care in Ontario by guaranteeing home care
  • End for-profit long-term care
  • Boost pensions by up to $1,000 for seniors who need it

A Place to Grow Healthy

  • Clear the surgical backlog and set maximum wait times
  • Ensure access to a doctor or nurse practitioner within 24 hours
  • Make more mental health help available

Platform Highlights 2 FRA Place to Grow Economic Dignity

  • Give every worker access to benefits and 10 paid sick days
  • Build to a four-day workweek
  • Eliminate corporate taxes for two years for small businesses hit hard by the pandemic

A Place to Grow Up

  • Build and repair schools with $10 billion funded by scrapping Highway 413
  • Hire 10,000 teachers for smaller class sizes
  • Fully fund an optional Grade 13 to give students a chance to catch up

A Place to Grow Sustainably

  • Cut transit fares to $1 a ride everywhere in Ontario
  • Cut Ontario’s carbon pollution in half by 2030
  • Protect and expand the Greenbelt and create new provincial parks

A Place to Grow Together

  • Raise disability and social assistance benefits
  • Advance Indigenous reconciliation
  • Ban handguns
Ontario Liberals have a plan that works for everyone and a team ready to deliver. On June 2, the choice is yours.



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