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Laurentian University is important to Nickel Belt

"There’s no question that the past four years have been difficult for Laurentian students, as well as post-secondary students across Ontario. An Ontario Liberal government will be an engaged, supportive partner to make sure the sector continues to adapt to student needs, giving Ontario a home-grown advantage for advanced education and skills development." ~Gilles Proulx 

We have heard consistently from students, faculty, and Northern Ontarians that the Ford Conservatives, and Minister Romano specifically, have been missing in action when it comes to the long-term stability of Laurentian University. Last year, 60 programs were cut and 80 faculty members lost their jobs. According to the Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations, “if Ross Romano had done his job, none of these cuts would have occurred.” Ontario Liberals will always be ready to listen and work with our post-secondary institutions to ensure that student needs are met.

If elected, the Ontario Liberals will invest in the ongoing sustainability of Laurentian University and establish Université de Sudbury as an independent francophone university with an arrangement to make it easy for students to transfer credits between the two.
We want to ensure that Laurentian is able to adapt to evolving student needs without hiking tuition, so we will create a $1 billion fund for new programs and increase operating grants to colleges, universities, and training schools. We know that strong, stable Northern Ontario post-secondary institutions play an important role in the region’s long-term economic stability and our plan includes $50 million specifically to support Northern and remote postsecondary learning. We will equip these institutions with digital teaching tools so that students needing to complete assessments can do so without traveling long distances. We will support students directly by reversing Ford's cuts to OSAP and eliminating interest on provincial student loans. We will also offer free tuition for medical and nursing students willing to stay in Northern Ontario.


Support change. Donations to Gilles Proulx 2022 campaign can be made through the following sources.

  • Mail campaign donation cheques made out to the Gilles Proulx Campaign 2022 to 3127 Old Hwy 69 N, Val Caron, ON P3N 1G4. Donations can be dropped off during campaign office hours.
  • For online donations to Gilles and Nickel Belt, please visit the Ontario Liberal Party website.
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